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108 - Probably not a problem
Parents have been away in Melbourne, so Goonie came here to LAN. It's good because it gives us a chance to see what'll be like living with eachother [as if we didn't already know, really- the three or so weeks I stayed at his house, and i literally lived in his room that whole time.]
I cooked schnitzel for dinner and bacon and eggs for brekkie. Felt good to cook for someone. And it didn't suck, either, lol.

Invited Alliekins over because I missed her and needed to talk to her about me stabbing her behind the back ironically because someone was stabbing me behind the back. It's sorted now, though, thank christ. I hate being on bad terms with her but we've never had a real fight before so that's good.

I swear we're inseperable...no matter how many weeks we go without talking to eachother it's like nothing changes between us, it's nice. And it's good to know we can talk on a mature level, heh.

Was like old times. Just allie and goonie and I hanging out.
It really makes me nostalgic.

Had my second four hour shift at work ever. It was so busy and lasted a lot longer than usual. Oh well, extra money. Whee.

The delivery guy I got a ride home with is called Adrian- he's amazing. He's 20 and has been to canada and USA and lived for four months in america without anything and without spending any money. He said something about living in canada for seven months as well.

I'm so jealous, I'll be twenty next year and I've travelled nowhere outside of Aus. :(

He was really cool, anyway. And there is a new girl at work. She has a pretty smile. I don't remember her name though, sadly.

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