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Out of sight And out of mind Are deadly traits When they're combined [Snap of a Synapse] Previous Previous
Probably not a problem
Comment here to be added.

Please tell me how you found me and who you are, just so I know who's reading my friends-only entries.

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Been over at engelspit for a really long time now. Only just got around to alerting you here though.
So yeah...add me, or not. Whichever. :p
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[Partially copied from DA]

Wrath of the lich king has consumed my soooul. Well, okay, not really. I don't play it all day but...it's kind of killed my desire to draw. I'm too busy thinking about getting to level 80. D:

Northrend, the new area, makes me so nostalgic. It reminds me of Oddworld, spyro, croc, halo- every game I played growing up, really. And of dads farm and the forests he used to take us to go visit. Of the scenery we'd pass while driving to his house.

The music kind of reminds me of when I'd listen to the LOTR soundtrack on repeat too, haha. I feel like a dork for feeling this way about it...but yeah.

Screenshots! And...lots of them.

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Is anyone else having paypal issues today?


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Starting friday, I won't have the "internets" for three weeks.
Just a heads up in case anyone wonders where I've disappeared off to.

So I'll see you then, if I...well, if I make it that far.

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You have to be fucking kidding me.

I submitted this again, with the explanation of why i thought it was unfair that it was "breaking rules" in the description. Within minutes it was taken down.
I reported this image, for the same reason mine was.
And guess what?
"A member of staff found no need for action upon review of this deviation."

Fuck you, DA.

Don't you just loooove doublestandards?

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Parents have been away in Melbourne, so Goonie came here to LAN. It's good because it gives us a chance to see what'll be like living with eachother [as if we didn't already know, really- the three or so weeks I stayed at his house, and i literally lived in his room that whole time.]
I cooked schnitzel for dinner and bacon and eggs for brekkie. Felt good to cook for someone. And it didn't suck, either, lol.

Invited Alliekins over because I missed her and needed to talk to her about me stabbing her behind the back ironically because someone was stabbing me behind the back. It's sorted now, though, thank christ. I hate being on bad terms with her but we've never had a real fight before so that's good.

I swear we're inseperable...no matter how many weeks we go without talking to eachother it's like nothing changes between us, it's nice. And it's good to know we can talk on a mature level, heh.

Was like old times. Just allie and goonie and I hanging out.
It really makes me nostalgic.

Had my second four hour shift at work ever. It was so busy and lasted a lot longer than usual. Oh well, extra money. Whee.

The delivery guy I got a ride home with is called Adrian- he's amazing. He's 20 and has been to canada and USA and lived for four months in america without anything and without spending any money. He said something about living in canada for seven months as well.

I'm so jealous, I'll be twenty next year and I've travelled nowhere outside of Aus. :(

He was really cool, anyway. And there is a new girl at work. She has a pretty smile. I don't remember her name though, sadly.

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I totally just broke an easter egg with my face.
I feel adequately awesome.

...seriously, though, my lip bled and now I think I have an ulcer. Why is chocolate so cruel.

I need sleeeeeeepskld hg dfmghdigl;c.[piqe

I stayed up until like 6am on Ventrilo talking to Goonie's french canadian WoW friend/s. That was the most fun I've had on the internets in a long time. The conversation sort of...went to mush, as my brain did, though. Haha.

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I got new boots today.

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I now has a dual monitor set up. Woo.
Goonie was going to help me set it up but I figured it out myself.
My primary monitor is now a 19" LCD which I only just got. My secondary is my 16" CRT. I *think* those are the measurements, I'd have to check.

Also now have new headphones and a new keyboard. Keyboard is small, which is good, my tiny carnie hands can reach the keys. But typing is hard on this thing since I'm not yet used to it. D: The keys are so close together.

I also received a paper model ceiling cat. It is fucking awesome. Thanks to Zebu for that one. I spent like half an hour putting it together.
If you're not aware of ceiling cat...I have way too many examples. Hurr.

Nanny gave me $50. Dad will give me around $300. I'm torn between saving up for moving out or for a laptop. I think moving out is more important, but a laptop would be novel. I'm not sure how much I'd use it though and it's probably just out of lazyness.
I think I should get the lappy once I move out. Yes.

I got a jewlery hanger thing off my brother. It's a torso of a woman wearing a corset thing and draped from the hips down is beads etc like a skirt. The hangers come off her shoulders and some are out of her neck. It's really cool.

Zeto gave me a half eaten sausage in bread. Sexy. :B
Actually he forcefully gave it to me by shoving it in my mouth.
Lucas gave me chocolates.
Aimee drew me a picture which is now on my wall.
Hayley gave me a fluro pink bandaid.

Goonie gave me a cake and it had candles and a happy birthday thing in it and everything, at midnight, and  he sung me happy birthday omg it was so sweet I cried.

It rained, also! It was a beautiful night. And daylight savings is over. I am being told it ends next week for NSW. wtf. God I hate daylight savings.

And so on.

...This entry is all over the place.

I got more gifts coming but I'll write about those when I get them, I don't know what they are yet.
And mum will be buying me new boots also as a part of my birthday present. We'll go shopping together for them soon.

Thanks all for the happy birthdays, also. <3

Um...not having a party. I flaked out.

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