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Out of sight And out of mind Are deadly traits When they're combined [Snap of a Synapse] Previous Previous Next Next
Probably not a problem
Today is my birthday
And I get one every year
And some day...
Hard to believe
But I'll be buried six feet underground
I'll be dead and gone, no longer around~



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I just purposely swallowed toothpaste. And now I feel like I'm going to puke.
A word of advice. Don't ever ever do that. EVER.


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Wtf I have so many memes I am meant to do but I can't for the life of me remember what they were. D:
SRY GUISE I SUCK if I commented on an LJ thing of yours with one in it and I'm meant to do it let me know. Thanks.

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You...are a fucking idiot. 


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So you all should know about my fear of whales by now.

Well, my mum made me a plushie Whale for my birthday. ROFL. It's so cute.

Nine days and I'll be nineteen. Ugh.

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Yesterday went to Paddy's Irish Bar for St Pat's day. It was packed, as expected. Saw some people I haven't seen in years and sat and observed the crowds. Got home at 11pm, went to bed, and woke up for TAFE.

Got to see Allie, also, which was nice. We caught up for the first time in ages. The smell of her house even made me nostalgic, heh. I missed her. Allie and Goonie had gone to Hogs Breath  for tea so I met Goonie at her house and we headed to the pub.

Did anyone else do anything for St Pats?

Finished that assignment. And did stuff on communication at TAFE today, it's actually quite fun. Learning how to read people and what body language and posture and so on can mean. We had to do an oral presentation where we chose what we had to explain and we had to do it without the aid of pictures or computers. I chose how to add tables in word 2007 to documents. I impressed Meg, lol, yay. The only feedback I got that was negative was from myself- I thought I was talking too much like a kindergarten teacher. But apparently not, haha.

Stayed around at TAFE for a while longer- I had time to kill, and needed to kill it. Sat with a bunch of IT guys. Wasn't any classes on so we were allowed to be fairly noisy. The highlight was definately Pablo walking past the couches saying "Gentlemen." And they all said hi, and I did too, and they made fun of me saying that i'm really a boy. And Pablo added "...And Rose." Lol. Ben was amusing and was immitating his accent.  Robby sat with us also and he's cool. He beta tests Half life games, aaargh, so jealous.

Went to Goonie's. Spent hours playing audiosurf. I am truely addicted. I even played it this morning before TAFE. D:

...Still haven't drawn anything more than a sketch/scribble. Huh.

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Yesterday was seriously the biggest waste of time ever. Four hour drive down with mum, her boyfriend and my brother to go to this family reunion. We stayed for four hours. I kindof freaked out because oh noes social situation and didn't talk to anyone. So I got crabby and bored. And then we drove back home; also four hours. Blehh.

On the plus side they had sugarcubes. They are deliscious, yesyes.

And I haven't finished the assignment or the homework that was due today. Lol, whoops.

I am going to buy Audiosurf. I was at Goonie's house playing it for like an hour and a half on the hardest difficulty. It is so much fun. :D

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There is nothing I hate more than people who think I am happy all the time. Seriously, fuck you.

That aside.
Work was pretty awful, I was too tense and kept making mistakes. But that's okay. I'm also going to do something about my screwed up sleep patterns so hopefully I'm not sick and tired all the time. :P

I really do not feel like doing anything with my weekend. OH VELL. Sunday I have a family reunion to go to, and I'll see dad again, so yay.

Uuum...earlier today at TAFE was good. Walked into Brian's class to see what they were all doing since I was only there to finish off my homework that's due monday. We bitched about windows and I looked at all the pretty Linux installs and talked to some of the IT teachers and feetman gave me a lift to Goonies who I stayed with until mum got off work.

It's so quiet at TAFE on Fridays, barely any classes or teachers around. It's kinda nice.

Also talked to Tina- the older Italian lady with a daughter around my age. She's so inspiring.
Wade sat and listened to be bitch and whine about the art industry for a bit before I got the lift to Goonie's.


Sleep is looking good right now.

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It was a 9 until 12 day today, but I stayed longer to do some assessment for Megwyn's class [ugh.]

I love the work we're doing in Meg's class- operating computer hardware. So we get to learn all about the computers parts. Most of it I already know, which makes it easier, but she has such a screwed up way of writing questions in her work sometimes.

She'd left before I could ask for her help and I don't exactly like asking her anything, she's a bitch. But Pablo helped me and it was amusing because he was pointing out how little sense the question made.  It was irrelevant to what I had to do since it was just a text that gave a scenario, but still. Wtf.

Oh, well. We figured out what she meant for the most part I think and I'm going into TAFE again tomorrow to finish it off. It's not as difficult as I thought it'd be. I can't do it at home 'cause I don't have office on my computer for some reason.

Off to Work, and then Sodens to see Goonie and co.

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Hahaha, man, today was great.

Had Meg in the morning. She is very very frustrating. We're in an adult learning environment, hell some of the students are older than she is, and yet she still insists on treating us like children. A few weeks back she yelled at me for playfully slapping someone and was all NOT IN MY CLASSROOM THAT'S ABUSE RAH RAH RAH and the person I slapped and I were both laughing.

And I saw her do the playful slap thing today. To one of the students. Ugh.

Plus she told us to work with pairs and wouldn't let me pair up with my closest friend there because apparently we distract eachother too much. Which is bullshit. We still do the work, so what if we have a bit of fun and talk to each other and laugh.

Every other teacher I have is much more fun and lenient. Because they know that in most cases we chose to be there, if we fail, well, our loss. Not to say they can't help us out or advise us, that's their job, but they're not there to treat us like fucking primary school kids.

Anyway, after that class was done at 12 I had to wait around until 3:30 or so until mum got home from work. Between that time I finally got to talk to Brian for my first time- I've always wanted to ever since I started TAFE two years ago 'cause he looks really interesting. He reminds me of the scientist from Richy Rich, haha. But the coolest thing is he wears a bow tie.

We talked about the IT workplace and about what made him start wearing his bow tie [interesting story but that's for another time] and he said he'd love for me to do a Cert IV in Networking next year, he'd like for me to be in the class.  I want to do it and I really hope I get in, it gets full quickly, but he said if I know the right people they'll tell me as soon as they start enrolling. I assume he means that'll be him, or something.

I was sitting on the wall thing that goes around the computer area the whole time and Meg comes out and yells THAT IS AN OH&S BREACH D: D: D: and I got down and said As if you care if I fall off or not. Later when I was sitting on the couches Brian said "Yeah, it's a lot harder to fall off that" or something to that effect. I lol'd.

Sat with Joe and Ben most of the time which was cool. Michael and Jarred came and joined us as well. We drew lots of stupid shit and they kept getting told off for being noisy. And Ben brought his walky talky things and they were doing fake missions like Ben coming upstairs to try and get me to go outside, while Joe and Michael were hiding in the room next to me. Every so often Michael would jump up at the window and hide under the desk again like a hyperactive jack russelk, rofl. I love these guys.

So yeah, still really enjoying TAFE [bar mondays, ugh] and tomorrow Imma go in early to work on the assignments Megwyn has given us. Guy lets me sit in on his classes despite me being exempt from them, which is cool.

AND YAY I GOT MORE OF MY BUTTONS. <3 The cross-stiched, hand made ones of the lambda and of Companion Cube. They are beautiful.

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